The easyRESCUE-DIVEpro of Weatherdock received at the beginning of 2014 the official approval to be used on the Maldives. That was already good news for our company. But the satisfaction of that achievement did not stop there. Recently one of the most important tourist centers of the islands, the “Ocean Sports Maldives” adopted easyRESCUE PRO as an instrument to strengthen security in offering their services.

Why does a company like “Ocean Sports Maldives” choose easyRESCUE-DIVEpro as an additional safety factor for its customers? The device is an emergency transmitter for diving groups with 2-stage communication: “Closed user position report” and AIS SART Alarm. The unit is developed out of the AIS S.A.R.T. emergency beacon easyRESCUE-DIVE for safari boats as well as diving bases. The unit of each member of the diving group will be activated before diving and handed out with specific briefing “how to use”. A persistent position report will be sent by every unit and received by the diving boat or diving center. By means of position report the diving group could be tracked on water surface to be “insight”. In case of emergency, an AIS S.A.R.T. Alert can be triggered, that can be seen by all ships and (coast-guard) receiving stations in vicinity.

There is no doubt that customers of Ocean Sports Maldives may feel more secure and therefore they can enjoy better their stay on the Maldives. Security means comfort. Providing security is a source of pride and satisfaction for the whole Weatherdock team.

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