The magazine PALSTEK, Technical Magazine of sailors for sailors, published in its issue 3/15 a new article about the different maritime emergency beacons in the market.

The complete article is only available in the printed version and in German.

The reader can find in 22 pages important answers to his questions about maritime safety and emergency beacons. Some questions are answered with numerous technical information. For example: “What devices are useful for which purposes” or “What kinds of distress beacons are in the market.”

PALSTEK writes on his website: “Sven M. Rutter presents underlying systems, explains the respective limits and advantages of the beacons and suggest tips for die product selection.”

Besides the easyONE appear not only other AIS MOB, but Also EPIRB, PLB, ELT, AIS-SART devices which are by PALTEK analyzed and evaluated carefully.

At the end of the article, the publication presents a three pages table, with a selection of different models of emergency beacons with a lot of features in comparison.

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