Nuremberg, March 6, 2013

In a long-term cooperation Weatherdock AG from Nuremberg through its Indian partner is to supply detection devices to the Indian government to safeguard the Indian coast against infiltration of “enemies of the state”.

Being on line with your water front borders is essential in the new world order. The scenes of the 26/11 bomb attack on a Luxury hotel in Mumbai, a few years ago, are doubtlessly still fresh in all our minds. Investigations have shown that the assassins were able to remain unnoticed in a small fishing boat and to enter Indian territorial waters and the port. Experts around the world have expressed their concern on the vulnerability of water front assets being “easy targets”. Thus the localization of these small fishing boats or for that matter any small craft is becoming increasingly important worldwide.

With an aim to use technology to monitor small crafts the Indian government has been one of the 1st governments to exploit the versatility of TDMA based radios in the localisation of vessels which are traveling within a 12 mile zone off the coast. This offers the possibility to detect potentially dangerous vessels among the large number of fishing boats. A project has been approved by which every small ship or fishing boat, which approaches the coast from the open sea or travels in coastal waters, automatically sends its identification, current position as well as tack and speed via TDMA radio signal. This results in a “friend or enemy” identification.

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