Nuremberg, 29th February 2012

easyRESCUE aboard the MASERATI during record-breaking journey in the footsteps of Columbus

The team MASERATI of the Italian sailing legend Giovanni Soldini and his German navigator Boris Herrmann has set the first long-distance record across the Atlantic.
The 70 feet yacht MASERATI, which has been tuned especially for the record hunt, took exactly 10 days 23:09:02 for the route of 3,884 sea miles from Cádiz, Spain to San Salvador on the Bahamas. With this, they followed in Columbus' footsteps, who traveled the same route in 1492 - albeit at a substantially slower pace!

Aboard the MASERATI is an AIS S.A.R.T. "easyRESCUE" for each crew member. The small and compact emergency transmitter has three different release mechanisms. Next to the classic manual triggering there is an automatism, which is triggered upon full water contact; it is, however, not triggered by splashing water. The third trigger function is another atomatic release via magnetic switch with a rip cord. The device is attached to a pocket of the sailing suit. As soon as the bladders of the suit inflate in an emergency the rip cord blasts the magnetic switch away and hence the device activates itself.

Already at the previous Barcelona World Race, in which Boris Herrmann took part, all teams, participating in the non-stop-regatta around the world, were equipped with the easyRESCUE from Germany at Boris Herrmann's desire.

„Being the manufacturer we are delighted when such professionals like Herrmann and Soldini rely on our products, especially in extreme situations!" says Alfred Kotouczek, board spokesperson of the Weatherdock AG from Nuremberg.

We hope that the future record attempts of team MASERATI will be equally successful and that the emergency equipment will never have to be used.

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