easy2-MOB (A22800)
AIS MOB + DSC “closed loop” & “open loop”

The easy2-MOB is the first approved class M
sea rescue transmitter according to the latest standard (2023).

MOB with AIS and DSC, as well as switchable automatic, according to the standard.

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A22800 easy2-MOB front armed neu
App Icon easy2-MOB AIS rescue transmitter
App Icon easy2-MOB AIS rescue transmitter
App Icon easy2-MOB AIS rescue transmitter
  • Automatic activation upon full water contact
  • Fully buoyant, suitable for almost all automatic life jackets
  • Easy monitoring and programming via Bluetooth® and intuitive app

Weatherdock supports the Malizia Mangrove Park

1 easy2-MOB = 10 Mangroves vor the Malizia Mangrove Park form Boris Herrmann


1 easy2-MOB = 10 Mangroves

Boris Herrmann’s project “1,000,000 mangroves for the Malizia Mangrove Park” was supported in 2023 through the sale of the new rescue transmitter from Weatherdock. Together with our customers, we were able to plant over 14,000 mangroves.

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Product information


The new easy2-MOB is a combined AIS/DSC emergency beacon and puts AIS MOB to the next level.
Automatic activation can be switched off, compliant with the latest standard (2023)

The new AIS rescue transmitter now has an integrated DSC receiver and is able to send DSC „open loop distress calls“ and to receive their confirmation again.
In the event of a “man overboard” situation, the device enables all ships in the immediate vicinity of the casualty to be alerted immediately. This ensures that rescue attempts can be made as quickly as possible.
Alerting is carried out in parallel via AIS to all AIS receiving systems within transmission range of the easy2-MOB as well as via DSC „distress call“ to DSC radios. First and foremost, of course, with both alerts to your own ship.
By using powerful red LEDs, the easy2-MOB can also be used as an electronic torch. This increases the visibility especially in the dark.
Due to its small size, the AIS MOB easy2-MOB is suitable for use with numerous automatic life jackets.


Attachment in the vest

The AIS MOB easy2-MOB is simply pushed upside down between the folded bladder of the life jacket. To do this, the vest only needs to be opened a little. The
safety line is attached inside e.g. to an existing ring with a knot.
To activete the automatic activation, the yellow slider has to be moved from „disarmed“ into the „armed“ position at the left side. Finally, the vest is closed again.

  • No blocking of the bladder
  • No blocking of the tube


In case of an emergency

  • Automatic activation
    In a „man overboard“ situation, the vest inflates automatically as soon as it is submerged in the water. The inflating balloon presses out the easy2-MOB, which then automatically activates itself when it comes into contact with the water and immediately begins to send the emergency signals
  • Transmission DSC „closed loop distress call“
    With the AIS MOB easy2-MOB it is possible to send the emergency signal to a group of up to 8 ships, including the mother ship, in a „closed loop“. These
    MMSI numbers can be programmed via a Bluetooth connection from a smartphone with the free Weatherdock app. A first transmission to these ships
    takes place just seconds after activation. Since the position has not yet been determined, the unit ID of the AIS MOB is sent first.
  • This immediate alarm is intended to sensitize the „closed loop vessels“ to the impending dangerous situation. As soon as a position determination is
    available, it is sent again to these ships.
  • Transmission DSC „open loop distress call“
    If the group does not confirm the „closed loop distress call“ within 10 minutes, the AIS MOB easy2-MOB automatically switches to the „open loop distress call“ and sends an emergency signal to all ships. This signal can, for example, also be picked up and forwarded by commercial shipping. In this way, the emergency call can reach a coast station and trigger a rescue scenario there.
  • Transmission of AIS emergency messages In parallel to the DSC transmission, an AIS emergency message is sent after the position has been successfully determined. This can be received by any ship with AIS on board within a radius of up to 7 nautical miles around the casualty. The transmitted position data is updated every minute and retransmitted together with information on course and speed over the ground.

New regulation

AIS MOB becomes AIS Class M (AMRD-A)
New standard: ECDIS 63269 IEC 2022

  • Since January 1st, 2021, AIS MOB devices have been equipped with DSC
    (only “closed loop”) no longer conforms to standards!
  • The previous one will be sold from January 1st, 2025
    AIS MOB with DSC prohibited!
  • The use of these devices may also be possible
    no longer allowed from 2025!

The easy2-MOB from Weatherdock is currently the
only AIS Class M approved on the market
Rescue transmitter with EU certificate (AMRD-A)!

IMO recommends:

Only buy “AIS MOB” according to the latest standard!



  • The only Class M Rescue Transmitter on the market approved to the latest standard (2023)
  • Can be used with many automatic life jackets without any special preparation
  • AIS emergency report to every AIS receiving system within the transmission range
  • Repeating AIS emergency report with updated GPS position data
  • DSC distress call to up to 8 different ships in the „closed loop“ process
  • DSC distress call in the „open loop“ procedure automatically after 10 minutes
  • 12+ hours of battery life
  • Powerful red LED torch
  • 1 watt radiated transmission power in AIS mode
  • 0.5 watt radiated transmission power in DSC mode
  • Fully automatic activation on contact with water
  • Fully buoyant without a buoyancy aid
  • No annual fees
  • No licenses required
  • In accordance with all standards and regulations

easy2-MOB App

The easy2-MOB app offers a number of features:

  • MMSI programming via Bluetooth LE (up to 8 motherships)
  • Detailed information about the self-test Internal battery status
  • Read date, time and position after activation – like “Black Box”
  • Up to eight events are stored in flash memory
  • Map view to view these locations

apple-app-store_buttonApple iOS



Technical Data

  • Battery: 6V, 2 lithium units, CR2
  • Operating temperature: -20 ° C to + 55 ° C
  • Storage temperature: -40 ° C to + 70 ° C
  • Control elements:
    • 2 buttons: “TEST” and “ON”
    • Slider: Activation and deactivation of the automatic trigger function
  • Displays: 9 LEDs (1 x “program LED”, 2 x “status LED” and 6 x “flash light LED”)
  • Red LED torch
  • Frequencies:
    • AIS: 161,975 und 162,025 MHz
    • DSC: 156,525 MHz
  • Dimensions (L / W / H): 195 x 50 x 30 mm
  • Weight: 120 g






  • CE


Our easyONE-DSC Rescue Transmitters have a basic approval and do not have to be registered anymore!

Product Comparison

Funktionsübersicht AIS Rettungssender Vorschaubild


Compare our AIS Rescue Transmitters and AIS/DSC Rescue Transceivers.

* At this point we would like to remember you that the declaration of conformity of the easy2-MOB must be carried on board. Please make sure that this declaration, along with your other important on-board documents, is readily available in a central location in the event of a review.

You can use the link above to download this declaration of conformity for later printing.

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