If you want to run an AIS Class B transceiver you will also need a separate GPS antenna for this unit.
This antenna is a combination  of both.

What is necessary to connect this antenna?
You don´t need special equipment for that. The combinated antenna with a cable length of approx. 6m, 20ft is just wired to your AIS Class B Transceiver. On the antenna itself, we have fitted two cables. On of that (thinner one) is for your GPS.
The thicker one is vor your VHF. If you want to extend your coax cables we recommend to use Aircell 7.
The max. length is 15m.

GPS antenna:
Frequency: 1575.42MHz
Polarisation: RHCP
Polar pattern, typical: Zenith: +5dBi, 10°: -1dBi
Amplification: approx. 27dB
Noise Ratio: 2dB max
Operational voltage: 5V DC+/- 10%
Operational current: < 30mA
VSWR: 2:1 max.

VHF antenna:
Frequency: 156-162MHz
VSWR: 1.5:1 max
Gain: circa 0dBi
Impedance: 50Ohm
Max. transmission power: 30W
Length: approx. 35cm
Antenna pole: SMA connector, flexible


  • Article number: A028
  • Operational voltage feed from AIS Class B transceiver by coaxial cable
  • delivers raw GPS data, no NMEA sentences
  • including stainless steel holder
  • cable length: approx. 6m, 20ft
  • connectors:
    • GPS: BNC plug
    • VHF: PL259 plug
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