Object tracking

A20003 mssTRACK

426027674046 Most reliable and best performing Fleet Tracking and Monitoring Transceiver system based on AIS Class B SOTDMA and SAT-COM. It provides internal GPS, so that no external antenna needs to be connected. It has got 4 slots for...

iridium IONEER

The new IONEER locating beacon enables unlimited traceability available 24/7 with a bi-directional SAT communication module inside.

A167 easyAIRDROP Rechargeable

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtcJ6GuyN44 easyAIRDROP Rechargeable - VHF rescue locator unit A167 The easyAIRDROP Rechargeable contains the VHF locator unit easyPOSALERT to support rescue teams, such as SAR airplanes or SAR helicopters.Packed in a waterprotected...


The new HALI transponder, a collaboration of maritime industrial leaders ORBCOMM, POLESTAR and WEATHERDOCK, enables a complete situational picture of global vessel activity.


ALARIS100 is a palm-sized portable locator beacon designed for law enforcement and mobile squads. The unit is based on VHF technologies and gives LIVE-GPS-Position-Report of every team-member on customized and encrypted frequencies.

A122 Tamperproof & Powersocket

4260276741229 The A122 Tamperproof & Powersocket is a tamper-proof charging station for the vmsTRACK-PRO. The charging station can be easily connected to the electrical system or another external power source. The cable ends only need to be connected accordingly....

A138 vmsTRACK

This product is replaced by A193 vmsTRACK-PRO-CS

Real-Time-Tracking via VHF Radio.
Vessel & object monitoring

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