Object tracking

A20003 mssTRACK

Most reliable and best performing Fleet Tracking and Monitoring Transceiver system based on AIS Class B SOTDMA and SAT-COM. It provides internal GPS, so that no external antenna needs to be connected. It has got 4 slots for additional modules...

iridium IONEER

The new IONEER locating beacon enables unlimited traceability available 24/7 with a bi-directional SAT communication module inside.

A167 easyAIRDROP Rechargeable

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtcJ6GuyN44 easyAIRDROP Rechargeable - VHF rescue locator unit A167 The easyAIRDROP Rechargeable contains the VHF locator unit easyPOSALERT to support rescue teams, such as SAR airplanes or SAR helicopters. Packed in a waterprotected...


The new HALI transponder, a collaboration of maritime industrial leaders ORBCOMM, POLESTAR and WEATHERDOCK, enables a complete situational picture of global vessel activity.


ALARIS100 is a palm-sized portable locator beacon designed for law enforcement and mobile squads. The unit is based on VHF technologies and gives LIVE-GPS-Position-Report of every team-member on customized and encrypted frequencies.

A138 vmsTRACK

This product is replaced by A193 vmsTRACK-PRO-CS

Real-Time-Tracking via VHF Radio.
Vessel & object monitoring

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