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The Class B unit easyTRX2S receives AIS Class A and Class B signals and transmits own data according to Class B standard.


All devices of the easyTRX2S series are performing with a lot of useful features:
By means of USB port connection to PC or Laptop is possible. With contained software it can be chosen between 38400 or 4800 Baud data rate. Function activity is shown by 8 LED’s. The easyTRX2S is able to interpret incoming AIS data for CPA alert or AIS S.A.R.T. emergency messages. Additional the easyTRX2S devices can be used as power source for external alerting devices. All received and transmitted AIS data can be stored with internal SD Card recorder. With the build-in multiplexer input 3 devices with different baud rate can be plugged to the easyTRX2S units. At least the external cable harness gives the possibility for outsourcing functionally like “change into silent mode ” or “PAN PAN emergency call” by switch.

The integrated VHF antenna splitter enables to use an existing VHF for AIS and HF radio at the same time. Before the incoming signals are separated, the built-in pre-amplifier increases the signal strength to avoid physical loss.

The integrated GPS antenna is the new part of this AIS transceiver unit. This reduces the need of an external GPS antenna mounted on deck if the easyTRX2-iGPS-N2K-WiFi is going to be used in Polyester boats.
For stainless steel vessels this unit is not useful. Here you have to connect a separate GPS antenna to the unit.

The easyTRX2S units with the appendix “IGPS” contain a integrated GPS antenna with 50 channel receiver. These units are designed for the use on polyester boats because there is no GPS interference. The Class B can be mounted under deck but above sea level.

By means of this integrated GPS antenna a separate mounted external GPS antenna is no longer needed.

With Stainless steel boats as well as Kevlar and aluminum boats these units can not be used. In such cases an external separate GPS antenna for the Class B unit is mandatory.

The easyTRX2S-WiFi receives the incoming AIS data sent by commercial vessels (Class A) and pleasure boats (Class B). These telegrams are processed into a NMEA protocol which can be interpreted by chart plotters or PC software. With the wireless link to your mobile device, these data will promptly be received there as well.

The easyTRX2S-WiFi transmits according the AIS-Class B standard all own AIS data like ship name, speed and course over ground, etc. to every AIS receiver or transceiver within its radio range. Using the easyTRXS2-WiFi is the simplest way to make yourself visible to others, having all necessary information about your surrounding too.

Running the “easyAIS” App, you will see a radar screen appearing, showing all received AIS targets within range. A click on a target will prompt you detailed information to this specific target, such as ship’s name, speed and course over ground, etc. Additional information to your own boat’s navigational status like your own speed, course, wind, etc. are available through sub-menus of the App, if you feed the easyTRX2S-WiFi built-in multiplexer with boat information.

fully compatible with popular AIS navigational Apps for iPad®, iPhone® or iPod®, e.g.
– iNavX (charged) A new license for mobile device is mandatory.
– AIS Radar (charged)
– iPilot (charged)
fully compatible to charged Android-App iRegatta
fully compatible to Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 (system running 32 bit)

Weatherdock App easyAIS im AppleStoreWeatherdock App in GooglePlay
DVBT enables to watch TV nearly wherever you want. Create you own sports bar aboard. By means of an internal antenna switch in every easyTRX2S unit with the appendix “DVBT” the VHF marina band is divided for the different applications. TV signals within the marina band were separated, pre-amplified and forwarded to your digital TV receiver. This receiver will decode the signal and pass them to your TV set.

The integrated NMEA2000 Adapter enables to connect this AIS transceiver into the latest NMEA2000 network standard aboard.

NMEA2000 is a new data form which enables to plug different devices in a row on the data stream. Each units takes his special data out of the stream. This is also called “BUS-system”.

Up to now devices communicated in data form NMEA0183. It was mandatory that all devices had been connected directly with each other. With the new standard just plugging the unit into the NMEA2000 data stream is the only thing you have to do.

All easyTRX2S devices with the appendix “N2K” do have an internal converter who is doing NMEA0183 into NMEA2000 and forwarding the new data form into the NMEA2000 network.

What is needed to run the easyTRX2S?

The ClassB device needs a separate GPS antenna and an own VHF antenna. As an alternative you can run the easyTRX2S with the VHF antenna switch easySPLIT-OCB for using your existing VHF antenna. A separate GPS antenna is still needed. An other alternative is the VHF/GPS combi antenna.easyTRX2S and gadgets that fit together
Your PC has to work at least on WIN XP SP2 and screen resolution 1024*768 for configuration. Plotter or PC software have to be intermateable to AIS to display incoming AIS data on screen. A MMS number is required to broadcast data – you will get it from German “Bundesnetzagentur”. Your distributor will program your easyTRX2S for that MMSI number.

New WiFi function

40 clients at the same time by Multi-User-Connection AIS and Internet at the same time

  • AIS data by WiFi from easyTRX2S to an router with internet connection
  • AIS data & internet available on all device´s connected to the router(e.g. WiFi from harbor, own 3G/4G hotspot aboard)
  • Integrated VHF splitter with pre-amplifier
  • Integrated WiFi module
  • Integrated GPS antenna
  • Integrated NMEA2000 adapter
  • Integrated DVBT antenna switch
  • Additional USP port for more connectivity
  • 38400 or 4800 Baud rate selection possible by software
  • 8 operating LEDs for more convenience
  • SD Card recorder for blackbox employment
  • Enlarged voltage input
  • Integrated multiplexer
  • Separate cable harness for “silent mode” or “PAN PAN” persistent signal
  • Plotter independent CPA alert
  • Plotter independent AIS S.A.R.T. alert
  • AIS receiver and transmitter with integrated GPS receiver
  • 1 transmitter, 2 receiver
  • Responsivity: -107dBm minimum, typically -112dBm
  • Data rate: 38400 or 4800 Baud, bi-directional
  • NMEA telegram type: VDM
  • Adapter VFH antenna: 50 Ohm, SO2239
  • Adapter GPS antenna: 50 Ohm, BNC
  • Cabin mounting, IP60, -25°C – 55°C
  • Dimensions: 198mm (L) 158mm (W) 47mm (H)
  • Weight: approx. 275 grams
  • integrated WiFi module
    • provides wireless TCP/IP, NMEA 0183 (34800 baud)
    • NMEA input with multiplexer function for other boat instrument data
    • WiFi range of 30 m without any special antennas (depending on local conditions)
    • fully compatible with popular navigational software or Apps for iPhone or iPad
  • Integrated GPS antenna
  • Integrated NMEA2000 adapter
  • Integrated DVBT antenna switch
  • Integrated WiFI module
  • Plotter independent AIS S.A.R.T. alert
  • Plotter independent CPA alert
  • USB port
  • SD Card recorder
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