NMEA VTG Sentence missing

PinboardNMEA VTG Sentence missing

I want to use the COG generated by my easyTRX2-IS and have it on a display. I therefore connected the easyTRX to a multiplexer. It receive the following sentences at the multiplexer: AIVDM, GPGGA, GPGLL and GPRMC. What I miss is the GPVTG sentence and that’s the one I need. According to the manual it should be there, but I don’t see it. Any idea where to look or what to check?

Thanks for your question,
please set the output 1 or 2 port on GPS to “All”. Then also GPVTG should be send out.

You can change that with your easyTRX2 programming tool under Windows or within Android/iOs app on your phone.


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