The RESCUE database supports your work as Search and Rescue Organization!


On a voluntary basis, owners of AIS SART (easyRESCUE) or AIS MOB (easyONE) from Weatherdock can provide personal information about themselves, their desired emergency contact and information about their ship in the RESCUE Database. This creates an information platform that makes it easier for you as Search and Rescue Organization to obtain information about an injured person.
Especially important are information on drug intolerances, allergies or illnesses and much more.

Only request for a Unit-ID in an emergency, after receiving an AIS or DSC emergency message.


It's that easy:

  1. Login with Username and Password.
  2. At the top right of the search box, enter the received Unit-ID and click the lens icon to start the search .
    (The search does NOT start by pressing the Enter key.)
  3. If the Unit-ID was found, it will be displayed in red. To get the deposited information about this Rescue Transmitter, click on the icon.
    ATTENTION: Only Rescue Transmitter of the company Weatherdock are deposited in the RESCUE Database [Unit-IDs: 97021xxxx – 97025xxxx & 97221xxxx – 97225xxxx], information by the users are voluntary)

To the Rescue Transmitter Information request:


We, the Weatherdock AG, Emmericher Strasse 17, 90411 Nuremberg, take the protection of personal data very seriously and adhere strictly to the rules of data protection laws. In no case will the data collected be sold or forwarded to third parties for non-life-saving reasons.


> to the privacy policy of Weatherdock AG according to GDPR

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