Those who cannot be seen, cannot be saved!
An AIS S.A.R.T. (Search and Rescue Transponder) is a stand-alone unit used in situations of distress, e.g. man over board. The easyRESCUE devices can be attached to lifevests or liferafts and lifeboats, respectively.
AIS takes guesswork out of navigation
AIS technologies provide insight into “shipping data” of commercial vessels and pleasure crafts in your vicinity. With a AIS Class B Transponder you can inform your “neighbors” about your own position as well as about data such as COG and SOG.
Real-time tracking to locate objects and persons!
The easyPOSALERT tracking system enables you to receive and display position reports of objects in a “closed user group” in real time via VHF technology.
Enjoy diving with SAFETY
In order to be seen and saved in distress, our AIS S.A.R.T. unit easyRESCUE is so constituted that it can be used up to a diving depth of 100 meters.

Weatherdock grieves about a friend


Weatherdock not only lost a cherished long lasting distribution partner with Dirk Bouma, CEO of Holland Marine Hardware, but we, the Weatherdock employees also lost a very good and valuable friend.

We miss Dirk Bouma as a good partner, bristling with power, who was always anxious to improve the Weatherdock products by his knowledge and experience.

Furthermore we miss Dirk Bouma as a human being. His warm, open and joy bringing character, his to-the-point attitude for solving problems, made him to a real good friend. Therefore knowing him became a honor to everybody. Dirk Bouma was an open minded cosmopolitan guy and a hedonist. He loved the time with his family, he loved the life, he loved to wine and dine, he loved to be out on the sea with his sailing boat and he loved motor cycling. He was aware of the danger of all his activities, but he never searched the thrill. He always acted carefully. But at the end it came to this incredible tragedy.

In the aftermath we share the pain with his family and we wish strength, power, god’s blessing and support to his wife, his children and to all his family and friends.

The world has lost one of the good ones, but in our hearts there will be a place for you always.

Dirk, we will miss you.

Weatherdock supports Sea-Watch with 15 AIS MOB personal rescue beacons easyONE, to increase the crews own safety during sometimes dangerous rescue operations. Read more …

Weatherdock Apps
are now
available in Apple Store

Starting in February 2016 the Weatherdock Apps for AIS Class B transceiver easyTRX2S and AIS S.A.R.T. & DSC personal emergency transmitter are now available in the Apple Store. Read more …

Antarctic Endurance 2016,
teamwork knows no limits!

Have you ever ask yourself what creating a resilient team means? Well, that is exactly what a group of people are trying to find out in the Antarctic – this project is called “The Antarctic Endurance 2016”. Read more …

„Ghost fishing” is a worldwide problem. There are a lot of brave divers who contribute with their work to bring a solution to this problem. They are collecting waste and derelict fishing gear during their dives and they create more public awareness about the serious consequences that this disaster means for our environment. Read more …

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