Does the easyAIS and easySPLIT work with APPLE Macintosh (Powerbook)?

The basic question is, whether the Powerbook has a serial COM interface (RS 232).
Some laptops do not have it. You can help yourself with a USB-to-COM adapter (which can be bought at e.g. Conrad, Media Markt, Saturn etc.).

The Apple or PC software (e.g. a terminal program) uses this COM interface and shows the encoded telegrams (ship reporting etc.), which have been received by the easyAIS. As the easyAIS works according to the NMEA0183 standard, the information is received as ASCII-telegram at 38400 baud (start and stop bit, no parity). Every common terminal program – no matter on which PC or Apple – can display these characters. In order to decode the AIS information you need a special software (e.g. a card plotter program with AIS functionality).

You can find a PC software on Unfortunately, we cannot say whether it works with Apple or not.

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