How can I check the GPS quality?

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Most of the time its necessary to select the best place for your GPS antenna or the mounting place for a unit with integrated GPS antenna (e.g. easyTRX2-IS-IGPS / easyTRX3.

Following instruction should show you how to check the GPS satellite signals

To check the signals, you need an external Tool to download. Also the GPS-Output of NMEA sentenses must be set to “All”

Here you see how to do that:

  1. Set „Output 2“ of easyTRX2/S to „ALL“
    1. 1 Select COM-Port within the easyTRX2S Programming tool, connect by pressing the button “Connect”.

Set „Output 2“ to„All“.

Save everything by pressing “Save to easyTRX2-S

2. Download visualGPS from here

2.1 Use Version „VisualGPS (Legacy)

2.2 Follow the installation instruction

2.3 Select now the same COM port as you did before within the easyTRX2S Programming-Tool

Port: same as within the easyTRX2S Programming-Tool

Baud: 38400

Save everything by pressing „OK“.

2.4 Select „Window->Signal Quality Window“

or press following icon within the top bar:

2.5 Now you should see following signal bars rising up:



If you have a bad GPS reception, please check following:

  • Position of easyTRX2S, check if you can place it different
    • No wires near the internal GPS antenna pole,
    • Metal surfaces seal off GPS reception / view to the sky
    • thick wood panels
    • or different
  • check GPS antenna cable
  • check GPS antenna connector
  • If available: take another GPS antenna and connect it to the BNC socket on the easyTRX2/S
  • Check voltage on BNC socket: 4-5VDC within inner/outer conductor.

If you still could not receive a good GPS signal, you can give us a call or E-Mail us:

  • support[at]
  • +49 (0) 911 376638-57

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