How does a database an electronical device become safer?

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Not the device itself is safer, but dealing in the emergency order. By specifying this data, you allow first responders such as official DGzRS act effectively and quickly in an emergency can. For example: Go overboard and turn on the easyRESCUE. Now, any vessel in the area, which is equipped with AIS, see your “live position” and take part in the rescue. Deposited by the radio identification of your vessel in the database is now as follows possible scenario: A ship in the vicinity receive your activated easyRESCUE. By radio now, this special ID to the DGzRS or the Coast Guard continue to be given. With this ID, and only thus, get the “official agencies” insight into the database and can anfunken your “mother ship” inform and. If you are in your accident near the coast or within reach of an official lifeboat, your easyRESCUE ID is detected and compared directly with the database. Now if it were to be a rescue mission of these institutions through which stored data can also special features such as Allergies, spec. Diseases or the like are taken into account.

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