I have bought an easyAIS (art. A-013). According to the instruction sheet the cabel must be attached on a sub-D plug with 9 pins. Unfortunately my notebook has only USB-ports. Is it possible to cut a standard USB extension cable and connect the two AIS wires (NMEA out+ and NMEA out-) with the USB-cable? Which pins or cable-colours are required for the connection?

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Unfortunately, your suggested way does not work. It is not possible to connect with an USB plug.
The reason for that: serial and USB use different levels for data transmission. Also Windows needs a driver for every USB connector.

The solution for you will be this: You solder a sub D-9 connector onto the cable. The connector goes into a serial<->USB adapter. And you attach this adapter into the pc. We can deliver a SUP D 9 pole connector and also an adapter.

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