This product range is no longer produced.

All downloads, such as the manual can be found here under “Downloads”.

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This product is replaced by A10901 easyONE-DSC-CL >

Get_the_best_AISMOB_everThe new easyONE is a palm sized AIS MOB device. The easyONE comes along with an automatic triggering function, which initiates transmission of an AIS MOB emergency message. The unit has got a brand new release mechanism, which will increase the crew’s safety level aboard. By means of the palm size, the easyONE can be integrated into every automatic lifevest.


In case of a “man over board” situation the lifevest inflates and exposes the easyONE. If fully submerged, the unit is activated and the antenna will be unfolded. This AIS MOB is fixed at the victim’s lifevest via cord and floats in front of the victim. A strong LED flash light ensures better visibility at night. easyone-features-en Being activated, the easyONE starts transmitting a full AIS MOB emergency message. This contains the individual unit ID, current GPS position, als well as COG and SOG of the victim. Because the unit ID starts with “972…”, each AIS receiver within range of 7 to 8 nautical miles (bad conditions and height of receiving antenna may lower range) identifies this emergency message. The connected chart plotter or PC screen will display the official MOB symbol (red X with red circle). Two LEDs show functionality of the unit easily. This will ease the usage in situation of distress. If the easyONE is triggered once, the battery capacity will last for more than 36 hours of continously transmitting. Because of this and his palm size the AIS MOB easyONE is the perfect companion.

The easyONE is ready to use and there is no registration or license needed.

  • full AIS MOB emergency transmission (972…)
  • each AIS receiver within range will get victim’s current GPS position, COG, SOG
  • automatical activation when submerged
  • more than 1 Watt radiated power
  • more than 36 hours battery capacity after activation
  • strong LED flash light for better visibility in darkness
  • palm sized unit
  • floatable 100%
  • no registration or license needed
  • can be used in every automatic lifevest
Description Details
Dimensions 168 * 48 * 27 mm
Weight 120 gramm
Power source 6V, 2 lithium cells, CR17345
Battery operating time 36 h at 0°C
Battery lifespan 7 years
Frequency 161,975 MHz and 162,025 MHz
Transmission power 1 watt
GPS receiver with integrated antenna pursuant to IEC 61108-1
VHF antenna Foldout VHF antenna,

rolled up in the device if not activated

Displays 2 LED („GPS status“ and „FLASH“)
Controls 2 buttons („TEST“ and „ON“)
Supported AIS messages in transmission mode Msg.01

AIS position report

Device identification number

Course over ground

Speed over ground


Safety message

Text: „MOB active“ in distress mode

Text: “MOB TEST” in test mode

Operating temperature -20°C to +55°C
Storage temperature -40°C to +70°C



with more than 36 hours battery capacitiy after activation obvious longer lifetime
with more than 1 Watt radiated power obvious bigger transmission range
100% floatable (without buoyancy support)

The AIS MOB easyONE is just like Lassie: if you need him, he’ll be there!

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