This product range is no longer produced.

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This product is replaced by A10902 easyONE-M-DSC-CL >

The new easyONE-M is a palm sized AIS MOB (Man over Board) emergency transmitter with pure manual activation. Due to its small size the unit can be used within all kinds of watersport fun activities where automitical life jackets and unit activation when submerged don’t make any sense. Nevertheless, having an emergency transmitter is very useful.


The broadcast of the emergency telegram is based on a worldwide standardized VHF transmission system, which is mandatory by law for commercial shipping since 2007: AIS (Automatic Identification System). On these frequencies, vessels communicate with each other to avoid collision. Within these transferred data, there is information like current GPS position and course and speed over ground. More and more pleasure boaters also use such an AIS System just to be informed about the surrounding commercial vessels for safety reasons. The easyONE-M is fixed to the body with a safety-cord which ensures that the unit will keep floating in front of the victim. A strong and bright LED guides the victim for better visibility in darkness. In case of emergency the unit is activated by pressing a button. This will trigger an emergency broadcast transmission. A full AIS MOB message is sent. This message contains the individual unit ID, the current GPS position of the unit, as well as curse and speed over ground. The unit ID allows the AIS receiver aboard to display the official symbol (red X with red circle) on chart plotter and computer displays (within a range up to 7 nm and more). The victim’s position is updated every minute and transmitted 7 times within 60 seconds. This will lead to a maximum of potential emergency.  


  • AIS MOB emergency transmitter
  • full AIS MOB transmission (972…)
  • each AIS system within range will be informed about victims current GPS position, COG and SOG
  • easy pull-off protection cap
  • pure automatic activation by
  • one-button-touch
  • more than 1 Watt radiated power
  • transmission range up to 7 nautical miles and more
  • more than 36 hours battery capacity after activation
  • strong and bright Flash LED for better visibility in darkness
  • small and handy size
  • 100% floatable
  • no registration required
  • no VHF license needed
  • Dimensions: 168 * 48 * 27 mm
  • Weight: 120 Gram
  • Battery: 6V, 2 Lithium cells, CR17345
  • Battery capacity:
  • 24 h at -20°C
  • 36 h at 0°C
  • Battery lifespan: 7 Years
  • Frequency: 161,975 und 162,025 MHz
  • Radiated power: 1 Watt
  • GPS receiver: with integrated antenna according IEC 61108-1
  • VHF antenna foldout, coiled in device per default
  • Display: 2 LEDs
  • („GPS Status“ and „FLASH“)
  • Controls: 2 buttons
  • („TEST“ and „ON“)
  • Supported AIS messages in transmission mode Msg. 01
    • AIS position report
    • Device identification number
    • Course over Ground COG
    • Speed or Ground SOG
    • Msg.14
    • Safety message
    • Device identification number
    • Text: „MOB active“ in case of emergency („ON“)
    • Text: “MOB TEST” in test mode („TEST“)
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +55°C
  • Storrage temperatur: -40°C bis +70°C
For best performance in the AIS MOB class:

with more than 36 hours of battery capacity after activation, significantly longer duration radiated with more than 1 watt of power;  greater transmission range, 100% float (without buoyancy aid)

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