This product range is no longer produced.

We continue to offer the service for easyINFOBOX devices.


easyINFOBOX mobile (A135)


Product information

Independent AIS System for mobile applications

The easyINFOBOX by Weatherdock AG is a shock-proof PP/ABS box with an integrated AIS receiver. It‘s the robust, dust- and water-resistant housing for a AIS unit, receiving AIS signals from the ambient vessels which can be displayed by a mobile device. The easyINFOBOX is designed for the mobile usage of AIS data. By means of the DC plug power supply of every board net can be used. The box has exterior plugs for GPS and VHF antennas. The internal AIS unit has got a WiFi module, transmitting the data to a connected mobile device like an iPad, Tablet or Laptop. With an AIS capable software or app the received AIS data with the relevant information can be shown on the screen.

Function The AIS unit inside the easyINFOBOX  receives AIS data within a range of up to 25 miles via the connected VHF antenna. The received data are translated into  NMEA0183 protocols and transmitted to the used mobile devices like iPad, Tablet PC or Laptop. These units are getting the NMEA0183 protocols by means of WiFi TCP/IP connection in a peer-to-peer network. Required is an AIS capable software or app running on the mobile device, as well as the correspondent maps. By connecting the external GPS antenna, the AIS unit receives it‘s own GPS position.


  • Helicopter Rescue-Units of
  • oil platforms or offshore wind parks
  • Diving groups
  • Long-Term regattas with air support
  • Charter units


  • Water-resitant, shock-proof
  • easy to carry by means of two handles
  • internal AIS receiver with WiFi module
  • exterior plugs for power supply, GPS antenna and VHF antenna
  • exterior WiFi antenna

Technical Data

  • Dimensions:
  • (L) 29 cm x (W) 23 cm x (H) 9,5 cm
  • Weight: 1,5 Kg
  • Operating temperature range:
  • -20°C to 55°C
  • AIS receiver with 161,975 MHz and 162,025 MHz
  • WiFi
  • peer-to-peer-connection
  • maximum range in free air: 100m
  • usual range: approx. 30m
  • with our new WiFi function it is possible to have up to 40 clients (terminals).

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