My easyTRX2/S shows the red “Error”-LED. What does that mean?

This can caused by a lot and you cannot say it easy. To solve the problem please connect by USB to your PC and open the Programming-Tool.

Under the page “Diagnostic” you can see the error.


VSWR exceeds limit:
The easyTRX2 / S measures after every transmission how much power was sent to your antenna(Forward power) system and how much of it comes back(Reverse power). The easyTRX2 / S use these values and calculated if your antenna is good or bad. An error is reported when the “Forward TX power” no longer is worth at least 3 times higher than the “TX reverse power”. You can find these values in our Programming-Tool.

If this happens, please check your antenna system and whether all adapters and connectors are properly connected.
A defect of the easyTRX2/S you can find out with the following steps:
1. Make a note of “TX power forward” and “reverse TX Power” if your unit is sent with attached antenna.
2. Now disconnect the antenna and wait for 6 minutes. If the values differ only low (about 30), so please contact our technical support.

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