Can I use my AIS-Software with easyAIS-IS?

Yes, only connect your easyAIS-IS to the USB-Port of PC/Laptop. It will emulates a virtual COM-Port. So you can still use your AIS-Software.

The 'Channel A/B' LED is not flashing.

Take clear if you are in an area with enough AIS-Signals. Test if your antenna-connectors are not bad.

The 'Channel A/B' LED is flashing but there are no AIS-targets on my screen.

Take clear that you have connect your easyAIS-IS with your PC/Plotter. You can test it by using Hyperterminal from windows. Go to Programms/Accessories/Communication/Hyperterminal. Chosse the right port wherre you have connect cour AIS-IS. Please do following calibration: Bits per Second: 38400; Datenbits: 8; Parität: nothing; Stoppbits: 1; Flusssteuerung: Hardware; Now you should se following NMEA-Data on the screen: !AIVDM,1,1,,A,13u?etPv2;0n:dDPwUM1U1Cb069D,0*24 So you did everything right.

Can I connect my easyAIS-IS to PC?

Yes, the easyAIS-IS has an integrated USB-Chip. So you can connect your PC with easyAIS-IS by using the USB-Cable enclosed in package. You also can use the RS232 Interface by using SUB D 9 Female. Only connect the white cable with Pin 2, the green one on Pin 5. You can watch the NMEA-Data on window by using Hyperterminal.

Is there a prescribed installation position for the easyAIS-IS

No, installation can be quite arbitrary. Fins operate more than adequate in any position.

Can I connect the easyAIS-IS to my chartplotter?

Yes, that is no problem. But it´s necessary that your chartplotter can use the baudrate of 38400.
You cannot change this as it was possible on easyAIS 2.Gen.
So if you have a chartplotter which only work´s with 4800baud you should take the easyAIS 2.Gen or work with your PC by means of the USB-cable.


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