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All Weatherdock WiFi products, such as easyAIS_WiFi, easyAIS-IS_WiFi, easyTRX2_WiFI and easyTRX2-IS_WiFi, are fully compatible with popular AIS navigational apps for iPad, iPhone or iPod, e.g.

  • iNavX (charged)
  • A new license is mandatory. An existig licens for Chart plotter is not useable.
  • AIS Radar (charged)
  • iPilot (charged)
  • easyAIS(free in Appstore(Apple) and Playstore(Google))

All Weatherdock WiFi-devices are also compatible to the charged Android-App iRegatta.

The WiFi units are ready for the usage with Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 while system is running 32 bit.

Please use following values to connect to your WiFi-device:
Ip adress:
Port: 5101
You´ll find password and network name underneath your device.


  1. Connect to your easyTRX2S WiFi network (network name SSID and Password are found at the bottom of your unit).
  2. Open your AIS Software
  3. Go to the Software settings page
  4. Select somewhere AIS data and Data source
  5. Source:
    • Standard: TCP/IP, IP: Port 8080
    • Older WiFi-Units: TCP/IP, IP: Port: 5101

If you software does NOT support data by TCP-IP connection, you need to generate a virtual COM-Port.
Here we recommend to use the tool from www.eterlogic.com, here TCP-Data are virtually send to a COM-Port.
This new COM-Port is the source in your AIS Software for AIS data.

When you need further assistance you can send us an email to [email protected]


Please check if the easyTRX3 WiFi network “easyTRX3_xxxxx” is visible with your PC/Laptop/mobilephone.
Also check if not regular reboot of the easyTRX3 happens.
You can see it when all LEDs light up regulary.
If you see regular reboot, please check your power wires.

Note that the easyTRX3-Manager app does not keep alive in background.
It is just used for programming and diagnose of the easyTRX3.
If you close app, press Home-button or lock your phone, the app disconnects from easyTRX3.

But that does not mean that you don´t get AIS-/GPS data.
The app is not required for this.

If you use an AIS app please get sure that it is able to get AIS data by TCP/IP.
Use IP and Port 8080 within that app.


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