FAQ: easyTRX2-IS

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Why is there only the easyTRX2 manual in the easyTRX2-IS package?

There is only one difference between both devices -> the splitter.
So we disclaimed to print an extra manual.

You can have a look at the manual here …
The splitter-function is under 3.7.1.

I cannot run the Programming-Tool

If you use Norton as Antivirusprogram that could be the problem.
Norton SONAR does not know these *.exe-file of our Programming-Tool.
It will be deleted. So for the time you programm the device you could disable this SONAR-protection. You can set it in your Norton Programm Interface.

Im not visible by a ship staying near me.

The AIS Receiver of the other ship is overloaded. It means the AIS receiver is getting to high signal from the easyTRX/ -IS. Cheep AIS receivers (made in China …) can be easyly overloaded by a strong AIS signal. If you use products of waetherdock company you certantly dont have the problem with overload of the AIS receiver. All our products are absolutely overload-save.

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