Weatherdock Distributor on Amsterdam Boat Show HISWA

From 6th to 10th of March 2019 the HISWA – Amsterdam Boat Show will take place. The fair is ideal as preparation for the upcoming season. In addition to small and medium-sized boats, boat parts and accessories are on display. There is also an interesting program with workshops.

Our distribution partner Holland Marine Hardware is represented there with a booth and looks forward to many visitors.



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Weatherdock is nominated for “Großer Preis des Mittelstandes 2019”

Weatherdock is, as in recent years, again nominated for “Großer Preis des Mittelstandes” (Grand Prix of middle-market companies). We are honored to be part of the competition in the anniversary year. In 2019, the Oskar-Patzelt-Foundation will award the prize for the 25th time.

“Großer Preis des Mittelstandes” is the most coveted economic award in Germany. Weatherdock made it to the jury last year and we are very proud of that. The ambition has now grabbed us, so our goal for this year is an award.

More information about “Großer Preis des Mittelstandes” >

Available now: easyTRX3-Manager App (free download)

The easyTRX3-Manager app for all smartphones and tablets is available now for free in the App Store of Apple and at the Google Play Store.
With the app all settings of the easyTRX3 can be done. Both, the determination of the static data, such as MMSI, name, call sign and type of ship as well as the configuration of the numerous interfaces (USB, NMEA0183, NMEA2000) can be made easily via the app. In addition, anchor and CPA alarms can be turned on and off.

Free download for iOS and Android:

A40002 easySPLIT3-IS

Coming soon


Product information

Designed for the parallel use of VHF radio and AIS with only one antenna. In transmit mode, the VHF radio takes precedence over AIS. In receive mode, both are controlled at the same level.



Product pictures

A40003 easySPLIT3-IDVBT

Coming soon


Product information

This variant is designed for parallel usage of AIS and TV signal reception by means of the DVB-T2 standard. Additionally FM radio signals will also be received and splitted. All separated signals will be forwarded to the connected follow-up devices.
A connected AIS Class B transceiver will get first priority in event of transmitting.



Product pictures

A40004 easySPLIT3-IS-IDVBT

Coming soon


Product information

By using this device you will be able to use one single antenna for the reception of VHF radio, AIS, DVB-T2 and FM radio. This will be a tremendous increasement of your comfort level aboard.



Product pictures

Software for TRX3

(Windows 32-Bit und 64-Bit)

  • Version 1.8
  • Größe: 19.866 KB
  • Bugfixes,
    • Hard-Reset of WiFi if you change some settings and it did not work after
    • We still recomment not to change any settings within Web-Interface of WiFi-Module

(Windows 32-Bit und 64-Bit)

  • Version 1.7
  • Größe: 19.870 KB
  • Bugfixes,
    • additional type of vessels are now possible
    • improved “Factory Reset” by NMEA port

USB Driver

  • Hersteller: Microchip
  • Size: 6.433 KB
  • Installation:
    • extract ZIP-File
    • Right-click on file with small “Gear” symbol
    • Select installation
    • Follow instructions and select yes/ok
    • remove USB and power from easyTRX3
    • restart your PC
    • Connect power to easyTRX3, wait until fully booted
    • Connect USB to easyTRX3 again
    • Within Device-manager(right click on Windows-Symbole and then select Device-Manager) you should find another line with new COM-Port
    • Select this COM-Port for connection with easyTRX3 and its Programming-Tool

(Windows 32-Bit und 64-Bit)

  • Version 1.6
  • Größe: 20.353 KB
  • Bugfixes of CPA/Anchor switch message within programming tool on Hardwareswitch

(Windows 32-Bit und 64-Bit)

  • Version 1.5
  • Größe: 3.55 MB
  • Tool to analyze the content of SD card or internal storage of easyTRX3
  • also compatible to use for easyTRX2/S SD Card content

(MAC Os, 32/64-Bit)

  • Version 1.8
  • Größe: 19.695 KB
  • Bugfixes
    • Hard-Reset of WiFi if you change some settings and it did not work after
    • We still recomment not to change any settings within Web-Interface of WiFi-Module.


For Android:


For Apple:


Weatherdock on the 50th BOOT in Düsseldorf

From 19th to 27th of January 2019, the 50th BOOT will take place in Düsseldorf. It is the world’s leading water sports exhibition and platform to present new products for the coming season.
Of course, Weatherdock is again represented with its own booth. We present you our latest products and will gladly answer your questions.
Visit us in Hall 11, Stand B50.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019

The year is coming to an end and the christmas season begins. We would like to take this opportunity and thank you very much for your trust in our company this year.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019.

Our opening hours during the holidays:

We are there for you until Dec. 20th 2018
Office closed from Dec. 21st 2018 to Jan. 1st 2019
Normal business operation from Jan. 2nd 2019

Service intervals of the AIS SART & MOB devices

In order to guarantee the functionality of our devices, a regular service is necessary. This must be done by specially trained and certified distributors or Weatherdock itself. Contact your Weatherdock dealer where you purchased your device(s) or contact us directly.
For your own safety, the service can not be done by yourself. Never open our devices by yourself.

The easyRESCUE AIS SART devices require a service after 5 years.
The easyONE MOB devices need service after 7 years.

The next due service is noted on each device on the back.


When is a service necessary?

  • Device has been activated in the ON mode for alerting
  • Device has been put into test mode 30 times
    We recommend to check the devices at regular intervals:
    • easyRESCUE recommendation: max. 6 tests per year
    • easyONE recommendation: approx. 4 tests per year
  • The service date has been exceeded, see device rear


What is checked at the service?

  • functional test
  • Check battery, replace this
  • Replacing the seals
  • Check tightness
  • Optical inspection for visible damage
  • Reset to factory settings, extend service date by 5 or 7 years

After successful service, the devices receive a sticker with the next service date, which is repeated again in 5 or 7 years.



Product information

  • Internal VHF splitter
  • Integrated GPS reciever
  • N2K
  • FM (Analog radio reception, VHF)
  • DAB+ (Digital radio reception,
    suitable receiver required)
  • DVB-T2 (digital antenna television,
    suitable receiver required)


Product pictures



Product information

  • Internal VHF splitter
  • Integrated GPS reciever
  • N2K
  • WiFi
  • FM (Analog radio reception, VHF)
  • DAB+ (Digital radio reception,
    suitable receiver required)
  • DVB-T2 (digital antenna television,
    suitable receiver required)


Product pictures

Winner of “Exportpreis Bayern 2018” – Category “Industry”

Weatherdock is the proud winner of the “Exportpreis Bayern 2018” in the category “Industry”.

At the award ceremony on November 21st, 2018 in Munich, after a speech and a short film about the company, the three company founders and managing directors Alfred Kotouczek-Zeise, Wolfgang Werner and Jürgen Zimmermann were awarded with a custom-made trophy. This was presented together with a certificate from Hubert Aiwanger (Deputy Prime Minister of Bavaria).

The “Exportpreis Bayern” honors small businesses that, thanks to their exceptional entrepreneurial performance, have successfully distributed their “Made in Bavaria” products worldwide. Every year, the winners are selected by a top-class jury.

To “Exportpreis Bayern” >

Wolfgang Werner (CTO), Michael Knipp (Marketing & PR), Alfred Kotouczek-Zeise (CEO), Jürgen Zimmermann (CTO)
(from left to right)

Handover of the trophy to Weatherdock
Source: Studio Vohler/Bayern International

Group picture of all winners
Source: Studio Vohler/Bayern International

Company Video – Weatherdock AG

Award ceremony from November 21st, 2018

BR Rundschau Magazin from November 21st, 2018

BR Frankenschau Aktuell from November 22nd, 2018

AIS-Plus receiving system for more safety in shipping

The DLR (German Aerospace Center) developed together with Weatherdock as industrial partner the new ship information system AIS-Plus.

The aim of the project was to create a complete picture of the harbor situation. In comparison to conventional AIS receivers, the position reports with AIS-Plus have greater reliability (50% more signals) and a longer range (95 km instead of 65 km).

In mid-November AIS-Plus was successfully tested in the port of Rotterdam and presented at the SME Conference 2018 in Berlin.

more information

Weatherdock on the METS TRADE 2018

From 13th to 15th of November 2018, Weatherdock will once again be represented at the METS in Amsterdam. We will present our latest products and will gladly answer your questions.

The METS TRADE is the world’s largest B2B trade fair for marine equipment, materials and systems. Founded in 1988, it is considered a platform for innovation, market development and networking.

We are looking forward to your visit in hall 1 at booth 123!

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The development of the easyTRX3, the successor of our popular Class B AIS transceiver easyTRX2S, is at least in the final phase! The device will be available from January 2019.

All product highlights:

  • Higher transmission power (5 watts, instead of 2 watts)
  • Faster transfer rate at higher speeds (every 15 instead of every 30 seconds)
  • ridgid and waterproof housing
  • modern connections (NMEA2000, USB)
  • SOTDMA Technology (Self-Organizing Time Division Multiple Access, like Class A, instead of CSTDMA)
  • MTM – Maritime Text Messenger (send & receive Short Text Messages)


Available product variants

  • easyTRX3 (A20000)
  • easyTRX3-WiFi (A20001)

View Product Page

iridium IONEER

The new IONEER locating beacon enables unlimited traceability available 24/7 with a bi-directional SAT communication module inside.

The IONEER system allows persistent locating and monitoring of vessels or other moving objects in all areas via VHF technologies. The palm-sized position transmitter is reliable working with the AIS Class B CSTDMA (Carrier Sense Time Division Multiple Access) functionality and IRIDIUM® sat network.

After activation the IONEER transmits position reports in a pre-set time interval to a coastal cordination-center to show current location of each fleet vessel.

The default position reporting is done on special customized VHF frequencies or on regular AIS frequencies by using the AIS CSTDMA technology. SAT communication via IRIDIUM® satellite network is provided in addition.


Different power supply solutions

  • Charging station
    Intelligent recharging of batteries with a special charging station (easyCHARGER A121). Battery runtime is depending on the pre-set transmission intervall.
  • Vessel generator or battery
    Intelligent recharging with a fixed solution by means of connection to 9-32VDC vessel engine.
  • Solar panel
    Intelligent recharging with persistent external power supply. Suitable also for small artisanal fishing vessels without electrical power supply.
  • Bi-directional SAT-Communication
    As soon as a pre-programmed distance from the coastline is overrun, the IONEER unit switches automatically into SAT-Communication via IRIDIUM satellites. AIS based Communication can be done bi-directional: Ship-to-SAT-to-Shore and vice versa.
  • Additional „push-to-alert“ button
    By triggering the alert button, additional to the regular position report an official AIS emergency message will be send out on both standard AIS frequencies to reach every AIS receiver within transmission range of the vmsTRACK-PRO-CS.
  • „Who & Where“ for coastal security and fleet
    Real-Time-Knowledge of „who and where“ is very important in administration of coastal fishing fleets as well as for coastal border security issues. By transmission of the unit ID and additional special names the „Friend or Foe“ identifying is easily possible.
  • GEO-Fencing
    Weatherdock´s technology allows the creation of restricted or limited entry zones. These special areas can be programmed into the unit. This “Geo-Fence-Functionality” has many applications, one of them is to help in the protection of our planet but it is also very useful for Coastal Fisheries Management.

    Optional Bluetooth functionality
    Using the Bluetooth®LE connectivity of your smartphone, it is possible to remote control the vmsTRACK-PRO push buttons and to see the LED status display. Android® and IOS® apps are available free of charge to use this functionality.
    Via Bluetooth the usage of the fisher catch report app is the perfect solution for easy catch reporting regarding IUU requirements.

  • Intelligent tamper-proof solution
    If the unit will be stolen or tampered, an intelligent high tech solution will trigger a flashing LED to inform the vessels captain. A special information message is send to control center immediately in addition.
  • Route Data Storage
    The vmsTRACK-PRO-CS is able to store waypoints of thousands of nautical miles for better transparency of areas of activity acording the IUU guidelines.
  • Individualization
    The vmsTRACK-PRO unit can be individualized by means of pre-programming additional data e.g. ship name, type of vessel and area of activity into the unit for transmission.
  • Transmission power: >= 2Watt
  • Specifiable VHF frequency range from 156.025 to 162.025MHz – 25KHz channel spacing
    (please ask your local authority for customized VHF frequencies to use for)
  • Operating temperature range: -10°C to +55°C
  • Storage temperature range: -30°C to +60°C
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 130 x 70 x 30 mm
  • Weight: 250 g
  • AIS Class B CSTDMA technology

Programming MMSI number for DSC closed loop

Our units easyRESCUE-PRO(BT) & easyONE-DSC-CL both have the posibility to transmit and call of DSC closed loop.
This is a adressed message for a closed user group which is directly transmitted to your DSC VHF radio – the mothership.

An open loop is an allships call. Here a call to all ships with a DSC VHF radio within range is made. This kind of alert message is only possible through our easyRESCUE-PRO(BT).

The transmission of a closed loop message is send immediately after activation into the ON mode of both units.

The advantage of both units is, that you add another MMSI numbers, up to eight in total, which then will be alertet by such an closed loop message.
The number itself could be easily programmed into the units.


But how could I do the programming?


  • Programmierung by your DSC VHF radio
  • Programming by Bluetooth with our App for iOS/Android

Programmierung by your DSC VHF radio

(Only on our easyRESCUE-PRO(BT))

  1. Settings within your VHF radio (Following steps could differ by each manufacturer):
    • Open your DSC menu
    • Press „Individual Call“
    • Press „Manual“
    • Insert the MMSI of your easyRESCUE-PRO(BT). You´ll find nine digits on the backside of your unit.
  1. Activate the programming mode on your easyRESCUE-PRO(BT):
    • Press TEST button on your easyRESCUE-PRO(BT) until you hear a few „beeps“.
    • Wait until the TEST LED is fully ON. Now the programming mode is active, the internal DSC receiver is waiting for the message of your DSC VHF radio.
  1. Send out the DSC individual call by your VHF radio:
    • Acknowledge the MMSI number you inserted before
    • Press „Send“ Your DSC VHF radio is now transmitting a DSC individual call to your easyRESCUE-PRO(BT)
  1. ON your easyRESCUE-PRO(BT): It is now receiving this message. You can hear a few „beeps“ again as an acknowledge.


Programming by Bluetooth with our App for iOS/Android

(Works on both devices)


  1. Download the app from your known app store
  1. Set your unit into the programming mode.
    • Press the TEST button for three seconds until you hear a few „beeps“.
    • Wait until the TEST LED is fully ON
    • Programming mode is now active

Note for easyONE-DSC-CL: Activation into the programming mode takes a little bit longer. Press the TEST button as long until the bright red LED start to blink. Now the unit seems to be off but there is an internal timer which takes approx. 20-30 seconds for activating the programming mode. Please wait until the TEST LED is fully ON.

Units with service date 04/2025 and newer: On this units, the TEST LED is blinking within the 20-30 seconds waiting time. Please go ahead if the TEST LED is fully ON.


  1. Please activate Bluetooth on your smart phone / tablet if not happened yet
  1. Start the app which you downloaded under 1.
  1. Select your device type (see figure 1)

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

  1. Push scan to start to search for your device (see figure 2 (1))
  1. After a successful scan you can see the serial number under (see figure 2 (2))
  1. Push the line on „Ships´s MMSI“ (see figure 2 (3))
  1. Select first line „ShipID #1“ and fill in your MMSI number (see figure 3)

The MMSI consists of nine digits, please take care when filling in your number.

Of course you can fill in up to eight numbers in total. (see figure 4)


  1. Press „Program“ on each line to save the MMSI number.


  • Go to your DSC VHF radio into the main screen out of the menu.
  • Select the TEST button on your unit in a few meters distance.
    We recommend to use a second person to go out of your boat onto the dock. This prevents an overdriven signal on your VHF radio which could cause to a non-receiving signal.
  • Your DSC VHF radio should now receive this Test message and will acknowledge this automatically.
  • If not, press „ACK“ on your radio.
  • Also your easyRESCUE-PRO(BT) will receive this message from your VHF radio and activates the internal buzzer. So you hear some „beeps“ there.
  • Our easyONE-DSC-CL does NOT have a internal DSC receiver. So you could not acknowledge the TEST signal on your DSC VHF radio.

Office closed

November 1st, 2018 – All Saints’ Day

Therefor our office will be closed on 1st and 2nd of November 2018.

We will process your requests as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding.

AIS Know-How: Data transfer (SOTDMA vs. CSTDMA)

Since the end of 2000, the Automatic Identification System (AIS) has become a binding standard to improve the navigation and safety at sea. Position, course, speed, and other ship data are transmitted alternately on the two maritime VHF channels 161.975 MHz and 162.025 MHz. Per minute there are 2,250 Slots available for the transmission of AIS data telegrams.

Two methods are available for transmitting the AIS data telegrams.
On the one hand, the CSTDMA (Carrier Sense Time-Division Multiple Access) method, which is used primarily for pleasure boating (Class B). The CSTDMA method uses carrier-sensing to defer transmissions until no other stations are transmitting. If a free slot is found, the transmission starts. Than the transmission is stopped for a 30 second time interval before the next one starts.
On the other hand, there is the SOTDMA (Self-Organized Time-Division Multiple Access) technology, which was used only by commercial vessels (Class A) but is now also authorized for pleasure boating at Class B level. With the SOTDMA method only the first free slot for the transmission has to be found
. The next five slots are always reserved automatically.

The following hierarchy results for the transmission of AIS data telegrams:

  1. Class A (commercial vessels) & SART (rescue transmitter)
  2. Class B SOTDMA (pleasure boating)
  3. Class B CSTDMA (pleasure boating)


The main advantages of the SOTDMA compared to the CSTDMA technology for pleasure boating (Class B) at a glace:

For more safety at sea - switch to SOTDMA Class B technology now!


A159 Mini GPS-Antenna

Small magnetic active patch GPS antenna with waterproof housing for mounting on dashboard, windshield or metallic surfaces.

Contents: Cleaning cloth, BNC-FME adapter, metal adhesive pad, mini GPS antenna

  • Size: 40 x 50 x 12.5 mm
  • Cable length: 2.5m
  • Plug: FME

Weatherdock on the SMM 2018

Weatherdock will once again be represented in 2018 at the SMM in Hamburg and is, together with the long-standing exhibition partner, at an own booth. The SMM takes place every two years and is the leading trade fair in the maritime sector for shipbuilding and equipment. Visit us from 4th to 7th September 2018 in hall B6 at stand 405 and get to know our products first-hand.

We are looking forward to see You!

All information and appointment

Weatherdock on the 2nd Techsurge conference in Chennai, India

On 10th of August 2018 Alfred Kotouczek-Zeise, CEO of the Weatherdock AG, was as an expert and speaker at the 2nd Techsurge in Chennai, India. The main topics of the conference were Safety, Security, Navigation and Technology for sustainable fishing.

The event is a platform for stakeholders on technology and innovation for sustainable fishing. The first Techsurge took place in June 2016 and was already a great success.

The new face at Weatherdock

“I know the history of Weatherdock since the beginning and have finally become an employee of the company. That makes me very happy!”

Felix Metzenthin

Director Sales, Weatherdock AG

From now on I take over the support of our business partners and distributors and I am available as contact person for questions with help and advice.

+49 (0)911 37663858

I would like to shortly introduce myself:

Age: 47 years


Married, one son (12 years)


Dipl.-Ing. (Univ.) for electrical engineering,
specializing in communications engineering


Since 1st of June 2018 Director Sales at Weatherdock


From 2008 to 2018 Sales Manager of SIPOS Aktorik
a supplier of components in international plant engineering


From 2002 to 2008 at DiehlControls
(key account manager, since 2006 team leader)
Development and production of electronics for household appliances


From 1990 to 2002 soldier of the Bundeswehr
(last Captain and Technical Officer of the Mountain Logistics Regiment 8)
Maintenance of defense equipment, additionally occupational safety engineer


Hobbies: family, cycling, history

Redesign: Lifejackets online-shop

Our online shop for lifejackets with integrated rescue transmitters from Weatherdock has got a new design. Browse through the shop and discover on our new page many helpful information about life vests and rescue transmitter. Choose from the various lifejackets and rescue transmitter models the right variant for your purposes.

 Click here for the lifejacket online shop >

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